NovaMechanics has significant expertise on the development of software especially designed for the risk assessment, read across and grouping of small molecules and nanomaterials. Our web services are based solely on open source and in house software that were developed with the purpose of making in silico models available to the interested user wishing to generate evidence on potential biological effects in the decision making framework. These web services facilitate computer aided nanoparticles design as they can serve as a source of activity prediction for novel nano-structures and small molecules.

NovaMechanics has recently released the Enalos Platform ( with the aim to reduce the amount of time spent by scientists in referencing disparate sources of data to aid decision making related to toxicity, properties and drug discovery of nanomaterials and small molecules. Through this platform any in silico workflow for nanomaterials / small molecules risk assessment can be made available online. An off line version of all models is also available.

NovaMechanics' in house developed nodes for KNIME platform, called Enalos KNIME nodes, that perform several critical tasks in data curation and analysis for cheminformatics and nanoinformartics. A number of our in house nodes are contributed to KNIME community and can be found in KNIME contribution area and our in our company’s website. Recently NovaMechanics indroduce the commerically availble Enalos+ KNIME nodes are divided into 5 main categories: Modelling, Molecular Descriptors, NCIPubChem and UniChem